Although they might look outwardly similar, not all bricks are alike, and they are not all used for the same purpose. Bricks that are used for building most walls will contain holes and come in a variety of types that are designed to ensure that the structure is sturdy. They are generally used for constructing homes or walls but also have various uses in creative DIY projects.

Types of Face Bricks:

There are three different types of face bricks. These are water struck bricks, wire cutter bricks, and stock bricks. Bricks will often have two types of holes: frogs and core holes. Frogs are found in bricks that contain one large hole to give it a recessed, smooth look, while core holes are three holes running along the centre of the brick with an even amount of space in between.

Why Do Some Bricks Have Holes?

When bricks are used for building and laid in a bed of mortar, the mortar will seep into the hole where it secures the brick into place as it dries. They ensure that the structure is strong and sturdy. In addition, bricks with holes are lighter, making them easier for both transportation and laying. Since they use fewer materials, they are also cheaper to source compared to solid brick.

Filling Holes in Bricks:

Whether you are using bricks for building or DIY projects, you may need to fill a hole. Thankfully, when bricks with holes are used for building, the holes are designed to be out of sight. But in some instances, filling may be required. You can easily fill a hole in brick using a mortar mixture combined with brick dust of the same colour. Once you have combined the mixture to the right consistency, fill the hole using a trowel. Pressing into the mixture with another brick will create the same texture.

DIY Project Ideas for Bricks With Holes:

Leftover bricks with holes from building projects are very popular in DIY projects with a number of artistic and non-structural ideas to consider. They are often used as decorative facades or turned into platters or easy candleholders. They can also be used a plant-holders and your leftover bricks will look great in your garden with succulents or other small plants placed inside the holes. Bricks can be stacked vertically for plants with deeper roots or used as pavers that allow plants to grow through the holes for a unique decorative effect.