When do I need a Condition Survey Report?

You will need a Condition Survey Report if you are planning to buy a new or nearly-new home and want to put your mind at rest that everything is as it should be. A Condition Survey Report will document the construction of a property and its condition on the date of the inspection, check that everything is in good order, or raise any issues that warrant further investigation.

Be aware that a Condition Report provides less detail than a Homebuyer Survey or a Building Survey, which we generally recommend conducting on buildings that are over 3-5 years old or which are showing obvious signs of being in a poor state of repair.

What information does a Condition Survey Report contain?

At London Chartered Surveyors our Condition Survey Reports provide an independent overview of the main elements of the building and rate their condition. After a brief description of the property’s construction, each internal and external element will be listed alongside its rating and some brief explanatory notes.

How do I Read a RICS Condition Survey Report?

Like the other RICS surveys, the Condition Survey Report uses a traffic light system with three colour codes (green, amber and red) to indicate any defects found on the property. This system is very easy to use and will provide you with a basic explanation of what damage and defects on the property need attention.

Green indicates ‘Condition Rating 1’, which means that the area in question does not need any repairs and that this area should continue to be maintained as it has been until now.

Amber indicates ‘Condition Rating 2’, which means that the area in question has defects that need repairing or replacing at some point, but are not deemed urgent or serious. Amber areas will probably not impact the value of the property, but will most likely need some maintenance or repair work in the not too distant future.

Red indicates ‘Condition Rating 3’, which means that the area in question has serious defects that need to be repaired urgently or replaced or investigated as a matter of urgency. Red areas should be seriously considered when contemplating the purchase. Sometimes these areas can void the purchase, or be grounds for a re-negotiation due to possible future repair costs.

Does a Condition Survey Report give any advice?

No, a Condition Survey Report does not provide any advice or recommendations, unlike more detailed RICS surveys such as the Homebuyers Survey or a Building Survey. However, here at London Chartered Surveyors our expert team of RICS accredited building surveyors can advise you on the best survey for your requirements. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask our advice about which type of survey is right for you.

What is included in the Condition Survey Report?

This is a report carried out after our inspection of a building. It establishes its maintenance state and repair condition at that time.

The survey carries out inspections of the building elements, describing them and providing concise details of its current state. It identifies any risks, urgent defects and potential legal issues

The Condition Survey Report is the most basic type of survey we carry out. Although the report gives an overview of the property’s condition and highlights any significant issues, unlike the RICS Homebuyer Survey Report, it doesn’t go into as much detail.

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