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Property valuations are essential for both buyers and sellers. At Chartered Surveyors, we offer this convenient service to ensure our clients can determine the value of a property before they invest in it or decide to sell it. The idea behind this is to make sure they're making a wise investment or getting the most from the sale of a property when selling it to a buyer who may be making a specific financial offer.

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Why Is a Property Valuation Important?

A property valuation is important for several reasons. If you've never had one done before, you might not know why our surveyors provide this service. However, we regularly have clients that need to have a property valuation completed for at least one or more of the following reasons:

  • It comes in handy for income taxes
  • It makes it possible for buyers to determine how much of a loan they'd need
  • The valuation gives property owners an idea of the cost of insurance

These are only a handful of the many reasons people invest in a property valuation performed by our professional surveyors who get the job done correctly and on time. We can provide this service to our clients when they need a property valuation completed, regardless of their reason for wanting one.

What You Need to Know About the Red Book Valuation and How to Decide If You Need One

The Red Book Valuation is one of the most comprehensive valuations available to our clients. The idea behind this type of valuation is to ensure the highest standard possible while performing a thorough inspection and investigation of the property and its condition. Therefore, when our clients need a detailed report including a long list of findings and accurate details on the market valuation of their property, they can hire us to complete this process for them.

People often depend on the accuracy of our Red Book Valuations when investing in property, attempting to sell a property, or trying to determine the overall cost of insurance for the building. In addition, it's not uncommon for us to work with clients who need this valuation for tax-related reasons, probate calculations, and even divorce proceedings. No matter the reason for having this valuation completed, we're available to get the job done and provide a thorough report that our clients can depend on and hold onto for as long as they need.

Hire Us for Your Next Property Valuation and Receive a Full Report

When you need to have a property valuation completed, be sure to hire our experienced surveyors to get the job done for you. First, choose the date and time that you'd like to have us arrive at the property. You can select a time and date that works best for you and gives you time to take care of any simple maintenance tasks, such as mowing the lawn or cleaning the home to make it look more presentable beforehand. Once you're ready for us to come out to complete this process, we'll arrive and get started. Best of all, our thorough property valuation won't take long. You can expect it to take at least an hour, but it typically doesn't take much longer than that to get through it and begin working on the report.

What Type of Valuations Do We Provide?

  • Property valuations for homebuyers, property owners and investors
  • Valuations for capital gains, inheritance tax and probate (This includes non-UK residents)
  • Retrospective valuations
  • Leasehold enfranchisement and extension
  • Valuations for staircasing and shared ownership
  • RICS Help to Buy
  • Insurance purposes
  • Divorce settlements, settlements, and co-ownership

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