Party Wall Surveys in London

Here at London Chartered Surveyors we guarantee that all our Party Wall Surveys are conducted by RICS registered surveyors so that you receive a high-quality, independent and impartial survey.

A Party Wall is a dividing partition between two adjoining buildings, the owners of which share each residence or business. Our qualified Party Wall Surveyors can advise you any Party Wall issues you may have regarding your residential or commercial property.

What is a Party Wall Survey?

In the case of properties sharing a Party Wall, a Party Wall Surveyor is appointed to assist in the preparation and administration of a Party Wall Award or Agreement, under the Party Wall Act of 1996.

London Chartered Surveyors can act on behalf of the Building Owner or the Adjacent Owner anywhere in London, assess the nature of the Party Wall and its position in relation to both properties, and can provide either party with impartial advice regarding any necessary structural changes or repairs that are planned.

Do I need a Party Wall Survey?

If you are planning any of the following works, you may need the advice of one of our Party Wall Surveyors:

  • Construction of a new wall at the boundary of two properties
  • Cutting into a Party Wall (e.g. chimney breast removal or insertion of a supporting steel beam)
  • Knocking down or rebuilding of an existing Party Wall
  • Knocking down or rebuilding of a boundary wall under a Line of Junction Notice
  • Excavations within 3-6 metres of a neighbouring property’s foundations

A Party Wall Notice must be served for any work carried out in respect of a Party Wall.

Once you have served a Party Wall Notice to your neighbour, they have three options:

  1. Consent to the works: in this case, a Party Wall Award is not necessary and you can go ahead with the planned work.
  2. Dissent to the works and appoint their own Surveyor. In this case, a Party Wall Award is required and you will need to appoint a Party Wall Surveyor. As soon as a Party Wall Award is in place, the notified works are authorised according to certain conditions. For example, if you are forming trenches for your foundations, the Party Wall Award may stipulate that you must install temporary shoring supports. Often, the Party Wall Award also states that you are responsible for any damage that is caused to your neighbour’s property. If this clause is included, you will often be liable to pay their Party Wall Surveyor’s professional fees, in addition to your own.
  3. Dissent to the works and appoint an ‘agreed Surveyor’. In this case, you and your neighbour agree to appoint a Surveyor to provide an assessment of the situation. A Party Wall Award is required here, although there is only one Party Wall Surveyor involved, but acting for both property owners.

How do I know which Party Wall Notice I need to serve?

According to the Party Wall Act of 1996 there are three types of Party Wall Notice that you may need to serve before commencing any extensions or conversions to your property. There are also statutory notice periods that you must comply with before starting any work, which depend on the work being carried out at your property or on the Party Wall.

London Chartered Surveyors is on hand to advise you of the type of Party Wall Notice you need to serve according to your situation and can inform you of the statutory notice period.

London’s Party Wall Surveyors

Here at London Chartered Surveyors, we provide a specialist role in resolving any disputes over a party wall under the Party Wall Act.

Our party wall surveyors follow the guidelines set out by the Party Wall Act rather than to individuals so we can be practical, fair and impartial.

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