How Much to Rebuild a Chimney Stack

Chimney stacks can take a lot of battering from mother nature. All year round, your chimney is subjected to winds, rain, and snow while continuing to play its part in keeping your home warm if you have a traditional fire. Keeping your chimney stack in good working order and well-maintained is essential. In some cases, it may be essential to rebuild or repair your chimney stack.


If the mortar on the chimney stack has failed and water is finding its way into your chimney, you will need to have the chimney stack brickwork repointed. Although repointing a chimney stack is pretty much the same as any other repointing work, it comes with a bigger risk that involves getting up on the roof. This will usually make the job more expensive, with average costs of around £500 for a small chimney stack and £1,000 for a larger one, not including the cost of scaffolding.


Assuming you have looked at your chimney recently, you’ll notice the lead flashing around the base. The purpose of this flashing is to protect the roof from rain and wind, stopping the rain from finding its way into the roof space by providing a barrier between the small gaps at the base of the chimney stack and the roof tiles. Good quality lead flashing that has been professionally installed should last for several decades. If your flashing is cracked or has become loose, it could lead to more roof problems and should be replaced. The cost of having all four sides of lead flashings replaced is around £400-500, not including the scaffolding cost.

How Much to Replace a Chimney

Flue Installation:

The size of your chimney will determine how much you can expect to pay to have the flue or lining replaced. This job will usually cost anywhere between £800 and £1,200, and there are several factors that are taken into account when calculating the costs, which are the chimney size and product quality.

Replacing Chimney Pots:

Replacing chimney pots may be essential after the flaunching breaks away from the base of the pot. it is a simple job for most roofers and usually costs around £100.


Most chimney stack repair and rebuilding jobs will require scaffolding in order to ensure that the tasks are done safely. It costs roughly £300-400 on top of the cost of labour and materials for hiring scaffolding for a typical two-storey home, so be sure to consider the additional cost when arranging any chimney jobs.